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Carnumen V2

  • Product Type: Other energy-saving products
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: V2
  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Package: Color box
  • Minimum Order: 100pcs
  • Delivery Time: 3-25 working days
  • Brand Name: W2

Products Information

An unprecedented product named CARNUMEN has been unveiled,and the three main functions of it are as followed:

Features Description:
1.It can test the car battery or alternator automatically,and in this way to alarm the driver before the battery or alternator does not work.
2.It can release the energized air-ion,which can clean the air in the car.
3.It can both save the fuel and reduce the emissions,which has a more effective function for the old cars and the cars that have not replaced the batteries for a long time.
Detailed Description:
1.How to install and use the unit?
Using CARNUMEN is as easy as reading ABC,just plug the terminal of the unit into your car's cigar-lighter socket and it will work in a few seconds.
2.When CARNUMEN stops working,will it affect or damage my car?
No, it won't,as CARNUMEN is an add-on device that connects only over the car battery through cigarette lighter socket.So it will work like a body-guard to your car,and when it stops working,you car will get back to its original condtion and nothing is affected,but of course,you will lose the benefits from CARNUMEN.
3.If I repeatedly remove and install CARNUMEN from one car to another,will the action affect its function on my car?
In theory, it should not,as long as you carefully plug and unplug it from your car.But our best advise is to keep a unit attach to only a car as repeat action of removing CARNUMEN may result in wear and tear of the connectors both inside your car and also on CARNUMEN.So if you think CARNUMEN is good,you should use a few more units on your different cars instead of constantly removing it from one car to another,it may shorten the life-span of CARNUMEN at your own risk.
4.If I stop using CARNUMEN for a while and reuse it again,will it damage my car?
No, it won't,as it is the same as you stop using CARNUMEN and your car will get back to its original unhealthy condition.You will regain its benefit once you install it again.
5.Is it safe to use CARNUMEN for my car?
Yes, it is very safe to use CARNUMEN it is powered by DC(Direct Current) from your car's battery,so it contains no radioactive or magnetic waves at all. Only device runby AC(Alternating Current) like your house electronic devices will emit harmful waves to human body. Besides,installing CARNUMEN doesn't change any parts in your car so it won't damage anything in your car.
6.Will CARNUMEN shorten my battery life span?
Maybe some of you will wonder if CARNUMEN can store and drain energy from battery,it will use up more battery power compared to when it is not installed. In fact,it is reverse condition, as CARNUMEN is like a secondary battery in your car,so it will reduce your battery load and make battery life longer. Also with its self diagnosis Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI),now you can know your battery operating voltage easier than before.That is why we say CARNUMEN only should prolong your battery life like numan having regular body check-up program.
7.If I don't remove CARNUMEN from my car when I turn off my car engine,will it affect my battery?
CARNUMEN does need a minimal energy to work,but so small that is insignificant compare to your battery capacity.So you no need to unplug it from your car when your car is regularly in use.Some car has an automatic cut-off electrical supply to the cigar-lighter socket when engine is off to make it safer.As a better advice, if you intend to park your car for weeks or months,you should disconnect the battery regardless if you are using CARNUMEN or not,as other electrical devices in your car will drain energy from your battery and make your battery flat even faster as compare to CARNUMEN.
8.Who can benefit from CARNUMEN?
CARNUMEN is designed for everyone,not only for car enthusiast, especially you have an old car where all electronic device getting aged and weak.Using CARNUMEN will provide stable voltage supply to those aged electronic devices and make them work effectively.You will see better air-conditioning,easier engine start,more fuel saving,more engine respond etc.And it is so universal that you can use it on all kinds of cars,SUV,pick-up,trucks,compact car,luxury car,sport car etc.
About how CARNUMEN to test the car batteries,release the air-ion and realize the principle to save fuel,please view the new column on the main website

The experiment of CARNUMEN video website:
Surface Material:
ABS and PC
Rated Voltage:
Rated Power:
Consistency Of The Negative Ions:
5 million/cc

CARNUMEN---The most efficient comprehensive technology in saving energy and emission reduction all over the world.
Fuel efficiency: when the car with the low speed of 30km/hour,CARNUMEN can save fuel 8%,when the medium speed of 60km/hour,it saves 6%;when high speed of 95km/hour,it saves 5%.Therfore,the average fuel saving percent is 5%-8%.In the course of driving,you will feel the power is very efficient.
Low carbon to be eco-friendly: the monoxide and the hydrocarbons in the emission can reduce by 25%-40%,in this way it conforms to global low carbon economy and the data is close to the European standard.The sound of engine obviously becomes thick and quiet.
Promotion of power:it increases the power ouput by 10% per hour,it continuely increases by about 15% than before.The try speed obviouisly faster,and the power boost.And the user can feel the car is powerful when climbing,overtaking and straighting up.Besides,you can also enjoy the pleasant sensation of fast speed.
Extension of car age: it can protect the storage battery and the original electric circuit system,reduce the load and thus to prolong the life span.Besides,it can also save the maintenance cost,and extend the engine life span by 3-5 years.When the car strart,CARNUMEN avoids the feeling of stagnation,so easy to operation.
Safety security:it improves the sensitivity and safety of bake.When the speed is about 100km/hour,the braking distance is about 25% shorter than before,thus it greatly enhances the driving safety.
Heath care:every second the built-in ionizer system can generate 8 million/cc negative ion,also called “air vitamin” to remove the car smell, increase the body's blood oxygen content,get rid of fatigue,and thus to protect the safety of all the people in the car.
Improvement of audio: Built-in super Farad capacitors to effectively reduce the interference of clutter,and improve the quality effect of the stereo system 
Easy manipulation: it can improve the phenomenon of pinch car in low gear,and make gear shift more smotthy;it improves the ignition efficienncy,and help the combustion fully;it reduces the idle shaking phenomenon,thus makes the driving more stable.

Sufficient electric power: Suitable for all kinds of cars, making combustion completely and offering stronger motivation, replenishing electric power in time to improve the problem of power shortage generated by the installation of high power HIDs.

Energy saving product free from demage to the motor
Identified authoritatively by New Energy Vehicle Technology Centre of the Vehicle Institute in Tongji University.

Carnumen is a hi-tech eco-friendly energy saving product which takes full advantage of Japan’s newly developed Hybird-Electric Drivetrain that perfectly combined with the all defense system.
Built-in super capacity Ferrari capacior, ensuring stable current trasporation, making up energy of the storage cells. If using electric accessories like air conditioner all the time, the motivation will be decreased as storage cells’ voltage comes down. This could lead to the performance of electric system improved, so as to make the motivation of motor to work at its best, and then boost fuel combustion efficiency, bringing less fuel consumption and waste emission, as well as prolonging batteries’ life span.
Decorated with the negative air ionizer in the car, lots of negative air ions good for human body will be produced, and could enhance body’s lung fucntion, as well as people’s immunity ability, making people feel relaxed and happy, bringing you fresh and pure air which just like in the nature to enjoy in the car.

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