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    The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its optimum condition: A.Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI)--It can remind auto owner to replace battery 2-6 weeks earlier before battery runs out. ...

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    On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is used more effective on old auto than on the new one? Nowadays, there are hundreds of fuel saving ways, and it is realized by different theory and methods. It can be ro...

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    Car Product Upgraded Version--CARNUMEN USER MANUAL 1. How does CARNUMEN help auto run efficiently? What is the direct benefit bringing to us? The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its op...


Car air freshener V8

  • Product Type: Other energy-saving products
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: V8
  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: color box
  • Minimum Order: 100pcs
  • Delivery Time: 3-25 days
  • Brand Name: W2

Products Information

Car Product Upgraded Version--KingMatch (Two Functions):

KingMatch Ⅰ
Model : V8
Surface Material: ABS
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Rated Power : 0.5W
QTY∕Carton: 50PCS  
Weight∕Carton: N.W:11KG   G.W:12KG
Packing method: Color box
Packing size: Box size: 17*12*5CM           Exterior carton size: 62*35*27CM
20' Container QTY: 23300PCS
40' Container QTY: 57200PCS
Features Description: 1.It can test the car battery or alternator automatically,and in this way to alarm the driver before the battery or alternator does not work.
2.It can both save the fuel and reduce the emissions,which has a more effective function for the old cars and the cars that have not replaced the batteries for a long time.

KINGMATCH---The most efficient comprehensive technology in saving energy and emission reduction all over the world.
Fuel efficiency: when the car with the low speed of 30km/hour,KINGMATCH can save fuel 8%,when the medium speed of 60km/hour,it saves 6%;when high speed of 95km/hour,it saves 5%.Therfore,the average fuel saving percent is 5%-8%.In the course of driving,you will feel the power is very efficient.
Low carbon to be eco-friendly: the monoxide and the hydrocarbons in the emission can reduce by 25%-40%,in this way it conforms to global low carbon economy and the data is close to the European standard.The sound of engine obviously becomes thick and quiet.
Promotion of power:it increases the power ouput by 10% per hour,it continuely increases by about 15% than before.The try speed obviouisly faster,and the power boost.And the user can feel the car is powerful when climbing,overtaking and straighting up.Besides,you can also enjoy the pleasant sensation of fast speed.
Extension of car age: it can protect the storage battery and the original electric circuit system,reduce the load and thus to prolong the life span.Besides,it can also save the maintenance cost,and extend the engine life span by 3-5 years.When the car strart,KINGMATCH avoids the feeling of stagnation,so easy to operation.
Safety security:it improves the sensitivity and safety of bake.When the speed is about 100km/hour,the braking distance is about 25% shorter than before,thus it greatly enhances the driving safety.
Improvement of audio: Built-in super Farad capacitors to effectively reduce the interference of clutter,and improve the quality effect of the stereo system 
Easy manipulation: it can improve the phenomenon of pinch car in low gear,and make gear shift more smotthy;it improves the ignition efficienncy,and help the combustion fully;it reduces the idle shaking phenomenon,thus makes the driving more stable.

Sufficient electric power: Suitable for all kinds of cars, making combustion completely and offering stronger motivation, replenishing electric power in time to improve the problem of power shortage generated by the installation of high power HIDs.

On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is used more effective on old auto than on the new one?
Nowadays, there are hundreds of fuel saving ways, and it is realized by different theory and methods. It can be roughly classified into chemical methods and physical methods. Carnuemn improves the combustion efficiency by increase the success rate of ignition.

For most of the new cars, they have a high success rate of ignition, and are fuel saving and environmental with enough power themselves. It is the reason that Carnumen have less function for the new cars. However, if it is an old car, because of aging circuit, carbon distribution, dirty accumulation, aging battery and using other electric appliance, the voltage will be decreased instantly, and the electric arc of the ignition will be short and small, even with intermittent ignition failure, and will lead the cylinder failing to ignite and explode in the four-stroke-cycle. At the same time, the fuel of the car can not be burned fully with high fuel consumption and low power, and the exhaust gas will be smelly and poisonous. I think the old car drivers have the same experience like this. For example: have you used gas stove with electronic ignition? When it is new bought, you can success in lighting the stove, but several years later, with the same reasons as the car aging circuit, carbon distribution, dirty accumulation, you need to light the stove with several times. In this situation, Carnumen regulates the voltage automatically, making the ignition successfully emit long electric arc and benefiting the combustion of the fuel.

Though Carnumen does not have a direct fuel saving function for the new cars, its voltage-stabilizing function makes ignition of the cars guaranteed,  and carbon deposition will not create, prolonging the time a new car becoming to an old car, just as the women should do skin care to protect the skin from young age.

Energy saving concepts of Carnumen:
1. Do not expect that Carnumen will decrease the necessary fuel consumption and increase the power of cars with excellent opereations.
2. Carnumen used in new cars can protect the engine, and prolong the healthy situation of the engine, postponing the coming date of first ignition failure because of aging ignition plug and the first carbon deposition.
3. Carnumen used in old cars can improve the combustion efficiency of the ignition, save the abnormal fuel consumption because of the aging engine, and restore the lost part power because of the bad combustion.
4. Making the fuel fully combusted, saving fuel and reducing exhaust.

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