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  • Calling for Low Carbon Life


    During Chinese NPC&CPPCC, most of representative promoted low carbon life in the meeting, and now in the world, all countires are promoting the low carbon life. so That requests us to produce more and more low carbon products. In bathroom market, I think LED shower heads just fit our requirement...

  • Bathroom sets promotion program in 2009 to 2010


    Clock struck China's bathroom, digital rotation, unwittingly in 2009 has become the past, the door has been opened in 2010. Experienced all the ups and downs of the past and joy in our hardware business, in the "Tiger" years, how it will continue to ensure a smooth ride all kinds of game d...

  • Bathroom products sells in Europe and America well


    Bathroom products like Bathroom Cabinet—Premium product relatively, China has a big portion in my the world market for it. But from the market digestion, there is still a long distance in our common people, so that means there will a larger market opportunity. The products which export to ...

  • Studies show that: switching to LED lighting will save 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars


    According to the U.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute research, LED lighting in the next decade is expected to save 1.8 trillion dollars of electricity, and it also reduce the burning of 10 billion barrels of crude oil for the power plant , therefore,and it will eliminate 10 billion tonnes of carb...

  • Baths & Sanitaryware of 2010 Market


    The baths and sanitary ware market, as defined by this Key Note Market Report, covers baths (of acrylic, metal and other materials) and all types of sanitary ware - toilets, urinals, cisterns, wash basins, pedestals and bidets - of vitreous china (VC)/ceramic, plastic or metallic materials. The mark...