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  • Eco-friendly product


    As the world continues to urbanize, demand for electricity continues to outpace GDP growth. Generation is more challenging than ever as producers balance CO2, SO2 and carbon emissions controls with producing enough electricity to meet demand and remain profitable. Double Win as the industry experts ...

  • Bathroom Lighting Fixtures


    Bathroom lighting adds sparkle to bathrooms and makes them look gorgeous and full of grandeur. Bathroom lighting has the power to change the looks of a bathroom and make lie appear simply awesome. When enjoying a shower with LED lighting shower set, your world is illuminated by a colorful dream. No ...

  • Install Soalr Garden Light to Beauty Your Garden


    Solar garden lights are one content for garden lights that wreak the side goodness of action energy, which fits in rise with the big switch to go naif and forbear the environs. Solar lights also give the owner to do the instalment without the aid of an electrical organ time at the very experience pr...

  • New solar-powered LED street lights created


    The streets of Mexico City are soon to be lit with a new type of LED street lamp which utilises solar technology to eliminate the need for power from the electrical grid. Manufacturer Lighting Science has created a new range of street lights called the Prolific DC Series, which are to be used to lig...

  • Solar energy brings power to rural Africa


    (CNN) -- In rural communities of Africa -- where more than 95 percent of homes have no access to electricity -- solar energy has the power to transform lives. Globally, 1.5 billion people, one quarter of the world's population, live without electricity, according to a United Nations report. Those wh...