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  • CARNUMEN---Built-in negative air ionizer


    Built-in negative air ionizer, producing 8 million negative air ions per second, good for body’s metabolism, keep it fresh by sweeping away all day’s fatigue of driving. Negative air ions, also named “Active Oxygen” and “Air Vitamin” , are ...

  • The core technology of CARNUMEN is GREENEFFICIEN-CY


    The core technology of CARNUMEN is GREENEFFICIEN-CY,the green powered synthetic technology is an advanced fuel saving technology in the world..CARNUMEM obtains a built-in MAPC programmable chip computer programs.The technology contains intelligent management system of alternating current,voltage sta...

  • CARNUMEN--efficient comprehensive technology in saving energy and emission reduction


    CARNUMEN---The most efficient comprehensive technology in saving energy and emission reduction all over the world. Fuel efficiency: when the car with the low speed of 30km/hour,CARNUMEN can save fuel 8%,when the medium speed of 60km/hour,it saves 6%;when high speed of 95km/hour,it saves 5%.Therfore,...

  • New products--LED MP3 shower head and LED Super shower head


    Our company is launching the newest products: LED MP3 shower head and LED Super shower. LED MP3 Shower Head maintain these two functions: 1, Water-powered temperature controlled LED lighting; 2, MP3 format music playing functions, so as to relax the user with the magic of beautiful melody. LED Supe...

  • Carnumen user manual


    1. How does the CARNUMEN help my car? What are the benefits I can get by using it? The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your car working at its optimum condition: a. Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI) is equipped with a unique pattern right.BALI sensor helps the car owner to monitor car battery/alternator...