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Amazing Newest Product--CARNUMEN


The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its optimum condition:
A.Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI)--It can remind auto owner to replace battery 2-6 weeks earlier before battery runs out. Some autos have onboard computer, but auto owner fails to know whether it is in battery or other reasons that result in vehicle malfunction after battery failure. However, CARNUMEN, Its battery failure function can help almost all auto owners.

B.Built-in Ionizer System--This product is furnished with ionizer for air purifying. It can generate 5 million / cc negative ion, which can effectively remove the odours such as auto-inside decoration smell, clothes funk, sweat and food residue etc, and increase the concentration of negative ions in the air so as to improve human's heart and lung function and blood flow oxygen then fully protect car driver's health.

C.Hyper Voltage Stabilizer System(HVSS) --As the most advanced fuel-electric management high-tech, it focuses on optimizing the fuel-electric system and making fuel burned more efficiently so as to save 5%-8% fuel.   

      Have you used gas stove with electronic ignition? When it is newly bought, you can light the stove sucessfully and quickly, while several years later, because of the auto aging circuit, carbon deposition, dirty accumulation and low battery and so on, you need to light the stove in several times. In this situation, CARNUMEN can regulate the voltage automatically, make the ignition emit electric arc successfully and lengthen the electric arc which benefit the combustion of the fuel. Carnumen used in old autos can improve the combustion efficiency of the ignition,save the abnormal fuel consumption from the aging engine, and restore the lost impetus from insufficient burning and reduce exhaust pollution. 

      Although you can not observe the fuel saving effect of CARNUMEN directly, its voltage-stabilizing function can guarantee your auto’s ignition, avoid the carbon deposition, protect your new car from being an old car, just like women should do skin care since young age. CARNUMEN used in new autos can protect the engine, prolong the healthy condition of the engine, postpone the time of first misfire of ignition plug for aging as well as delay the first time of carbon deposition of air cylinder.