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Car Product Upgraded Version--CARNUMEN USER MANUAL


Car Product Upgraded Version--CARNUMEN USER MANUAL

1. How does CARNUMEN help auto run efficiently? What is the direct benefit bringing to us?
The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its optimum condition:
a. Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI)
It can remind auto owner before battery is used up. Use steps:Plug auto key into and switch it to ACC-ON mode, but not start the engine. Meanwhile, check the LED lights on CARNUMEN, if Green LED is on, it indicates battery is in good condition; if Red LED is on, it means battery is under poor conditions and requires check, and battery should be replaced within 6 weeks.

b.Built-in Ionizer System
This product is furnished with ionizer for air purifying. It can generate 5 million / cc negative ion, which can effectively remove the odours such as auto-inside decoration smell, clothes funk, sweat and food residue etc, and increase the concentration of negative ions in the air so as to improve human's heart and lung function and blood flow oxygen then fully protect car driver's health.

c. Hyper Voltage Stabilizer System(HVSS)
As the most advanced fuel-electric management high-tech, it focuses on optimizing the fuel-electric system and making fuel burned more efficiently so as to save 5%-8% fuel.By special design, all electronic circuit and auto-inside electronic equipment can be maintained to offer stable voltage supply source. When extra dynamic is needed in the cases such as sudden acceleration or turning on air-conditioner, the power for activating dynamical system is pulled away from other electronic system to supply for activating electronic starting device, resulting in the sudden deduction of voltage. However, if CARNUMEN is installed, all auto-inside electronic parts system can be operated under the optimum conditions for CARNUMEN functions electrical energy storage and releasing, and voltage stabilization.

2. How to install and use CARNUMEN?
CARNUMEN is used like a USB disk. Just plug the special joint of CARNUMEN into auto’s cigar-lighter socket and it can work right away.

3. Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI) - what do Green LED and Red LED indicate?
It is the smartest design for CARNUMEN that two types of condition of battery/generator can be told:
a. Green LED (ON): Normal voltage, battery / generator is in good condition.
b. Red LED (ON): Abnormal voltage, battery / generator needs checking.

4. When does CARNUMEN start to work after installed?
It works just in a few seconds after plugged into cigar-lighter socket.

5. Is auto damaged if CARNUMEN is malfunctioned?
No, it won’t. CARNUMEN, just like GPS, is an add-on device connected to auto by cigar-lighter socket. As CARNUMEN ceases function, auto resumes normal operation function while without bad influence. If not equipped with CARNUMEN, auto benefits nothing from CARNUMEN.

6. Will other functions of auto be affected if CARNUMEN is repeatedly installed and uninstalled from auto?
No, it won’t. When CARNUMEN is uninstalled, auto gets back to the original operation condition, and can enjoy the functions of CARNUMEN as installed.

7. Is it safe to use CARNUMEN for my auto?
Yes, it is very safe to use CARNUMEN for it is powered by DC (Direct Current) from your auto’s battery, and so transmits no electromagnetic wave harmful to people. Besides, if CARNUMEN is installed, no auto part needs change and also brings to no damage. CARNUMEN can be used safely and conveniently.

8. How does CARNUMEN save fuel?
To save fuel is affected from engine ignition device that is affected by ignition voltage. It is known to drivers and experts that around 12000~14000 ignition voltage could not be generated from power supply installed inside auto. So, auto engineer skilfully utilizes battery voltage (12V) after introduced by electromagnetism to generate high voltage for ignition, which can size down power supply volume and also consider safety. But a question remains unsolved that, for amplified 1000 times by induced voltage (12 V is amplified to 12000 V), even 0.1 V voltage change of spark plug could be amplified to 100 V which lowers engine combustion efficiency and results in incompletely engine combustion status. In fact, it is the very primary cause for fuel waste. CARNUMEN primarily functions stabilizing battery voltage. As voltage is detected changed, CARNUMEN can timely store and release energy to guarantee stable battery voltage and ignition voltage, and also high combustion efficiency can be guaranteed and so fuel can be saved.

9. Will CARNUMEN shorten auto battery rated life?
No, it won’t. With the especially efficient HVSS (Hyper Voltage Stabilizer System), CARNUMEN can effectively help auto electronic equipment reduce battery voltage fluctuation, and so can make battery burdened less and extend its service life. Also, with BALI (Battery Auto Light Indicator) system, battery voltage can be more easily checked to avoid battery damage from negligence. So, CARNUMEN, functioning just like our periodic health examination, can extend battery service life.

10. Will battery power be consumed if CARNUMEN is not uninstalled after auto is switched off?
No, it won’t. Auto’s electric circuit stops functioning after auto is turned off, and cigar-lighter socket also ceases functioning for power supply stoppage. Meanwhile, CARNUMEN functions normal just with a very little electric quantity that is even less than the normal consumption of storage battery.

11. Whom CARNUMEN is applicable to?
The auto owners having demand on environmental protection, health and security. Obvious effect is taken on those aging or unstable-voltage vehicle whose original energy consumption can be immediately improved after CARNUMEN is installed. CARNUMEN is applicable to the 12 V or 24 V power supply/fuel (petroleum/diesel) motor vehicle, sedan and recreational vehicle etc.

12. Why CARNUMEN is NOT allowed to install/uninstall from cigar-lighter socket as driving?
This guarantees to prolong service life of CARNUMEN and auto electrical circuit under stable operation. If CARNUMEN is suddenly pulled out, the instant voltage difference does damages to the precise chip of CARNUMEN. As high-tech electronic product, the components of CARNUMEN are very precise. For its more durability, CARNUMEN shall not be plugged into/removed from auto as driving.

13. On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is used more effective on old auto than on the new one?
Nowadays, there are hundreds of fuel saving ways, and it is realized by different theory and methods. It can be roughly classified into chemical methods and physical methods. Carnuemn improves the combustion efficiency by increase the success rate of ignition.

For most of the new autos, they have a high success rate of ignition, and are fuel saving and environmental with enough power themselves. It is the reason that Carnumen have less function for the new autos. However, if it is an old auto, because of aging circuit, carbon distribution, dirty accumulation, aging battery and using other electric appliance, the voltage will be decreased instantly, and the electric arc of the ignition will be short and small, even with intermittent ignition failure, and will lead the cylinder failing to ignite and explode in the four-stroke-cycle. At the same time, the fuel of the auto can not be burned fully with high fuel consumption and low power, and the exhaust gas will be smelly and poisonous. I think the old auto drivers have the same experience like this. For example: Have you used gas stove with electronic ignition? When it is newly bought, you can light the stove sucessfully and quickly, while several years later, because of the auto aging circuit, carbon deposition, dirty accumulation and low battery and so on, you need to light the stove in several times. In this situation, CARNUMEN can regulate the voltage automatically, make the ignition emit electric arc successfully and lengthen the electric arc which benefit the combustion of the fuel.

Although you can not observe the fuel saving effect of CARNUMEN directly, its voltage-stabilizing function can guarantee your auto’s ignition, avoid the carbon deposition, protect your new car from being an old car, just like women should do skin care since young age.

Energy saving concepts of Carnumen:
1. Do not expect that Carnumen will decrease the necessary fuel consumption and increase the power of autos with excellent opereations.
2. CARNUMEN used in new autos can protect the engine, prolong the healthy condition of the engine, postpone the time of first misfire of ignition plug for aging as well as delay the first time of carbon deposition of air cylinder.
3. Carnumen used in old autos can improve the combustion efficiency of the ignition,save the abnormal fuel consumption from the aging engine, and restore the lost impetus from insufficient burning and reduce exhaust pollution.
4. Making the fuel fully combusted, saving fuel and reducing exhaust.

Easy Installation:
1.Just plug the terminal of CARNUMEN into your auto’s cigar-lighter socket.
2.Switch on the auto key to ACC-ON mode and wait for 30 seconds(only for first time installation).
3.Start engine and CARNUMEN can be used right away.