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Energy saving product free from demage to the motor

Energy saving product free from demage to the motor
Identified authoritatively by New Energy Vehicle Technology Centre of the Vehicle Institute in Tongji University.
Carnumen is a hi-tech eco-friendly energy saving product which takes full advantage of Japan’s newly developed Hybird-Electric Drivetrain that perfectly combined with the all defense system.
Built-in super capacity Ferrari capacior, ensuring stable current trasporation, making up energy of the storage cells. If using electric accessories like air conditioner all the time, the motivation will be decreased as storage cells’ voltage comes down. This could lead to the performance of electric system improved, so as to make the motivation of motor to work at its best, and then boost fuel combustion efficiency, bringing less fuel consumption and waste emission, as well as prolonging batteries’ life span.
Decorated with the negative air ionizer in the car, lots of negative air ions good for human body will be produced, and could enhance body’s lung fucntion, as well as people’s immunity ability, making people feel relaxed and happy, bringing you fresh and pure air which just like in the nature to enjoy in the car.