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  • Amazing Newest Product--CARNUMEN

    The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its optimum condition: A.Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI)--It can remind auto owner to replace battery 2-6 weeks earlier before battery runs out. ...

  • On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is ...

    On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is used more effective on old auto than on the new one? Nowadays, there are hundreds of fuel saving ways, and it is realized by different theory and methods. It can be ro...

  • Car Product Upgraded Version--CA...

    Car Product Upgraded Version--CARNUMEN USER MANUAL 1. How does CARNUMEN help auto run efficiently? What is the direct benefit bringing to us? The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its op...

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Green Numen's Sole agent

Our exclusive distributors in Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark) is Vastskydd in Gothenburg;in Japan is Sugihara Engineering's Co. ;in Bangladesh is  Waroney Asseciate.They are representative for our self-manufactured products such as LED shower heads, shower lights, LED faucet lights,Carnumen and so on.

1.Nordic Countries (Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark):
Company name:Vantskyd in Gothenburg,Tel:0046 31 7049591,,Contact:Elin

Company name:Sugihart Engineering Co,Tel:080-3154-8672, ,Contact:Dayne

Company name:Waroney Asseciate,Tel:880 2 8953180,,Contact:Humaran Ibal.