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1. What certificates have your products passed ?
CE and ROHS certificates.

2. What standard do you produce  the bathroom products according to?
 Our new products is according to European Standrad: EN1112

3. How do your products work ?
LED shower head and LED faucet light are powered without battery and the faucet lightens depending on hydraulic pressure which drive the dynamo to work. At the same time, the electricity which is produced by the dynamo makes LED emits light. When turn on the tap, running water makes the hydraulic pressure, so LED will emit light; when turn off the tap, they all won't work.

4.What is the warranty of your products?
One year.

5.Can the led shower head and led faucet light save water ?
Yes.Our product water flow is 6 L/min.And the Regular Working hydraulic pressure is 0.1~0.6MPA.

6.What is the led shower head life-span?
About three to four years.

7.How does the led lights turn on?
You no need to ture on the LED light, you just make the shower head connect with the water, just there have water, the LED shower light will turn on automatically。

8.What power the led lights to turn on?
The LED shower light just need water power, no need battery,

9.Are the light bright or dim?
The shower light can bright the whole room, so you no need other light in your bathroom.

10.What kind of metal the bathroom shower is made of?
Our led shower is make of ABS material, and use Electroplating surface treatment.

11.How long does the led lighting work and is the lighting alway the same?
The life of LED light is 40000 hours, if you use 6 hour of the shower, you can use 3 to 4 years.

12.Do you have agent in local ? Can I be your distributor in my country ?
Now we have exclusive agents in Japan and Nordic countries(Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark).If you live in these places, you can order from them . If you are not live there, you can also apply for exclusive agent if you want . We can disguss the agent condition based on the mainland siutation .

13.What is MOQ? Can I have samples first ? Do you accept small quality ?
Our MOQ is 120 pcs. Yes, you can order samples to test first.

14.How about dropshipping?
Yes, we can accept it.

15.Will you offer OEM service?
Yes, we do.