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  • Amazing Newest Product--CARNUMEN

    The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its optimum condition: A.Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI)--It can remind auto owner to replace battery 2-6 weeks earlier before battery runs out. ...

  • On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is ...

    On fuel saving, why CARNUMEN is used more effective on old auto than on the new one? Nowadays, there are hundreds of fuel saving ways, and it is realized by different theory and methods. It can be ro...

  • Car Product Upgraded Version--CA...

    Car Product Upgraded Version--CARNUMEN USER MANUAL 1. How does CARNUMEN help auto run efficiently? What is the direct benefit bringing to us? The 3 systems in CARNUMEN help your auto working at its op...

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Factory Address: No.88,Xiao Tang Nan Road,Jianggao Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou

Salesroom Address 1: JinZhong Building,No.229,230 store second floor,No.36 YongFu Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou
Salesroom Address 2: Room D30-1,4/F,Sunauto International Plaza,NO.40,Yongfu Road,Guangzhou
Salesroom Address 3: No.A105-A106 YiYun Auto Accessories No.79 YongFu Road,YueXiu District,Guangzhou
Salesroom Address 4: C117-118 Section Guangdong Yongfu International Car Accessories Plaza,No.Self-ID A35.of No.45.Yongfu Road,Guangzhou
Salesroom Address 5: No.49 Yongfu Road,Guangzhou City,117 stalls in the lobby,Fuyi Automotive supplies Plaza,Guangzhou

Fax: 86-20-86294680

Contact Person: Ms. Daisy Zhou
Mobile: (86)13416165396

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Bank Account Informations:           
Beneficiary’s Name:  Hongkong Green Numen Electronics Co Limited     Beneficiary's bank: HSBC Hong Kong
Beneficiary's bank ADD: No.1 Queen's Road Central Central Hong Kong
Beneficiary’s Account Number: 168-742419-838